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Youtube Grabber + Accelerator 3.5

Youtube Grabber + Accelerator allows you to download Internet videos very fast
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Youtube Grabber + Accelerator allows you to download Internet videos very fast. In addition, it uses technologies that allow you to resume paused tasks and download several chunks of a video at the same time, with the consequent speed increase.
In order to start a download, you only need to drag and drop the video URL onto the program’s window but you can also copy the URL and paste it to the corresponding text box. Unfortunately, you will not be able to specify the video quality or format. When the program starts to download, you will receive information as to the transfer speed and remaining time. From this same window, you can schedule an action that will execute when the download is finished, such as opening the target folder or playing the downloaded file.
In general, Youtube Grabber + Accelerator is absolutely easy to use. However, some of its drawbacks result from this simplicity. First, it does not integrate with browsers to monitor video pages. Second, it does not facilitate batch downloading because you will need to open another program to do so. Nevertheless, it downloaded videos with amazing speed, much faster than most video downloaders I have used.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • It is easy to use.
  • It allows pausing and resuming downloads.
  • It downloads files really fast


  • It does not allow choosing a download quality or format.
  • It does not integrate with browsers.
  • It does not facilitate batch downloading
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