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Youtube Grabber + Accelerator 3.3

Youtube Grabber + Accelerator is a YouTube video downloader
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Youtube Grabber + Accelerator is a YouTube video downloader. It is a very lightweight application that is supposed to download videos off It also, allegedly, has an accelerator built in that should make these downloads much faster than usual.

The main window for this application is incredibly small and to the point. There is a single text field where you can paste or drag and drop a YouTube video URL. After that has been done, you need to click on "start" which will bring another window. This last window will show you the video download progress. It shows some basic information like URL, resume capabilities, status, file size, etc.

In my own testing, at first I thought the application did not work at all. Whenever I started a video transfer, the application would just sit there doing nothing. No video transfer was initiated and the status was always the same. I later left it alone for a couple of minutes and the video started downloading. It took at least 4 minutes for a video to download. Also, whenever I stopped the transfer to start over with a different video, the application would freeze for a good minute and a half before it crashed.

José Fernández
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  • Buggy.
  • It takes a LONG while to start a video download and most of the time it just hangs there when you try.
  • Outdated and no support
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