Word Magic Translator Professional Plus

Word Magic Translator Professional Plus

Word Magic Translator provides automatic, context-sensitive translation
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For the most demanding users who need an English / Spanish translator, with many add-on modules to enhance its abilities, Professional Plus Edition of Word Magic Translator could be a good choice. This edition is the “big brother” of the series, that includes the Home Edition, Standard Edition and Professional Edition. It is also the most expensive with a price ten times higher than the cheapest choice.

Word Magic Translator Professiona Plus 5.2 has been designed to look alike MS Word so you will be familiar with the interface. Besides, this edition allows a tight integration with Word, so the user will benefit with both programs looking and working similarly. Its main window is divided horizontally into two sections: one section for English and the other for Spanish.
You can either type in the source text to translate or directly open the text file in which you have your source text (all formats supported by MS Word are supported by the translator). Even more, this edition allows opening .PDF files by using a special add-on.

The list of features of the Professional Plus edition is rather long, the longest of the whole family. If you are familiar with the other editions, you can count on that this one includes everything you already know. So let’s focus on what makes this edition “Plus” in comparison with Professional Edition: the most outstanding feature is voice recognition for both English and Spanish. Users can use this feature for dictation avoiding the need of typing in the text, and for program control instead of using mouse and keyboard.

The regular features include spell checking, text pronunciation in both languages including accents (American and British for English and Mexican and Castillian for Spanish), printing feature to print out the text alternating both languages, a huge database of idioms and phrases, and near 20.000 first names in each language.

Word Magic Translator Professional Plus Edition can run under any version of Windows later than Windows 2000 – as any other product in the family - and the system requirements are also the same than those in smaller editions: a Pentium III or equivalent processor and 256 MB of RAM memory.

Lionel Mira
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  • It can work as a resident application at your system tray.
  • It offers a trial for a 14-days period.
  • It supports many add-on modules to enhance its abilities.
  • It includes pronunciation abilities with different accents.


  • It only performs English<->Spanish translations.
  • Its price is ten times higher than Home Edition's.
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