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WinSleep by MollieSoft

Keeps your computer asleep
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WinSleep is a comprehensive and highly flexible app that will help you manage your computer’s energy consumption by scheduling its sleep times in the most efficient way. By checking the CPU, disk, and network usage in real time and comparing them to your preferred limits, WinSleep can suspend your PC’s energy consumption by sending it to sleep or to hibernation whenever its activity goes below the thresholds you set. The program’s main console returns real-time information on the level of activity of your computer and how those values compare to the limits set for the active policy. You can set as many sleep policies as required, and enable or disable them at any time. First, you need to schedule the times and days of the week when these sleep policies will be enforced provided that all conditions are met. Each policy takes into account five different factors in order to avoid unwanted sleep or hibernation times. While other less exigent similar apps will only check if you are working at your PC or not, WinSleep will keep your computer working unless the CPU, the disk, and the network usage fall below the activity percentages set and the user idle time and the awake time are greater than the number of minutes assigned to these values. Only when all of these conditions are met, WinSleep will perform the action assigned to the active policy. This is essential to guarantee that no uploads, downloads, updates, or backups are ever dropped just because you’ve stopped typing or your mouse hasn’t moved for a while. WinSleep also provides you with real-time and precise information in graphical form about the exact time at which your computer has been awake, hibernating, or sleeping following your instructions, as well as the time at which one of your policies was active, and the periods during which your computer was asked to stay awake regardless of the settings of the active policy. Not only can you force your PC to stay awake for a specific period of time no matter what, but you can also send it to sleep or hibernate in ten seconds just by clicking on the buttons provided. The program’s graphical console also provides you with a real-time history log and the possibility of reviewing the activity chart of a specific date. The possibilities are manifold, thanks to WinSleep’s high level of flexibility and customization. It is a pity that this extremely useful tool works only on systems running on Windows 8 and higher – a tiny drawback that doesn’t detract any value from its efficient energy management capabilities.
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Francisco Martínez
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  • Versatile sleep times scheduler.
  • Helps you to save energy and money.
  • Prolongs the life of your computer and its components.
  • Manual Sleep and Hibernate controls.


  • Available for Windows 8 and 10 only.
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