WinOLS 1.8

A 3D preview window makes it easier to find maps

Based on experience gathered with the DOS version of the OLS software a new Windows based program has been developed which continues to provide the user interface that was introduced by its predecessor, so switching to the new version is made easy.

- Additional features include improved functionality as well as an extended range of display modes.
- Existing hardware like the OLS200 simulator module and the MP2440(P) EPROM programmer are being supported even when using Windows XP / Vista.
- You can select either English or German as the interface language and switch between these.
- The concept of the integrated checksum correction has been kept up. By using DLL files the algorithms were moved out of the main program and thus are independent of the version used.
- Functions to search for maps and to put them down on the map list makes efficient working a lot easier.
- The display of raw data takes place in 2D graphic or hex/decimal dump.
- Maps can be shown as 3D/2D chart or as a table.
- A 3D preview window makes it easier to find maps

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