Windows XP Winter Fun Pack Screensavers

Windows XP Winter Fun Pack Screensavers

Keep your vivid your warm Christmas feelings into your screen
License type: Freeware

Microsoft Corporation, leader of many software tools for home and office users. This firm also offers to their customers for free some extra bonus, like some funny screensavers. Everyone once in a while requires a break to our daily work and it will be nice if we can have the opportunity to view some beautiful screensavers while we are resting a little. Into Microsoft Corporation web site has some screensavers to share with us, but Microsoft will need a validation to identify genuine Windows software, this validation will not take you long, just a few minutes, but for my point of view, it is necessary. Now talking about this cool screen saver, this is with vivid 3-D and interactive sounds effects. These effects will transform your computer monitor into a winter wonderland with three-dimensional snowflakes falling from the sky. In this set you will also see some floating spheres and soothing blue waves. If you still want to keep these warm Christmas feelings, download this beautiful screensaver. This program will run only for Windows XP users, if you have other kind of software, take a tour into the web site and find the best for you.

Elsa Flores Ahedo
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  • Run exclusively with Windows XP
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