Windows Repair Toolbox

Windows Repair Toolbox

Speedy access to carefully selected Windows repair utilities
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Windows Repair Toolbox provides speedy access to multiple utilities that detect and fix several problems on Windows operation system. In spite of the fact that the application is very easy to use, I would not say that it has a beautiful interface. In fact, it looks too technical. In this respect, it has various tabs that classify the tools into those intended for general use, malware removal, custom use and testing the system. Each of these tabs holds a collection of buttons labeled with the names of the tools. Yet, there is the inconvenience that you need to know what each of them is for.

The first tab facilitates opening HWMonitor, HWiNFO, GPU-Z, Regedit and a lot more utilities. The Malware Removal tab, in turn, allows running virus checks using well-known technologies as those of RKill, Emsisoft and Kaspersky. Additionally, it lets you perform other operations, such as restoring Windows original settings, optimizing the system and defragmenting disks. Fortunately, all of this is done using a prestigious software. Moreover, the program has the advantage of running unattended fixes according to your specifications. Then, there is the Final Tests tab, which guarantees quick access to various system checks related to the availability of base software and drivers. Likewise, it lets you test your webcam and microphone.

All in all, what Windows Repair Toolbox actually does is uses third-party and even some Windows applications to find and solve problems. Its real merit is to provide you with a careful selection of useful tools. This is good because it does not rely on the work of a single developer and lets you benefit from the best solutions available. However, this has a downside: the application needs to download the intended tool if it has not been installed on your system previously.

Pedro Castro
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  • Speedy access to carefully selected topnotch utilities.
  • Unattended fixes


  • Needs to download the requested utilities.
  • Unattractive interface
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