WindowBlinds allows you to change your desktop interface
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Digital downloadable WindowBilnds, currently referred to as WindowBlinds 8, is an option to an expanded, higher priced at $49.99, version called Object Desktop 8 and cost $9.99; it includes the option SkinStudio 8 and is upgradable from previous versions for $6.99.Each purchase includes, separate downloadable SkinStudio, the powerful companion application for WindowBlinds that enables you to create, design, expedite, schedule and coordinate your own desktop interfaces' themes, called skins, to personalize or skin the look and feel of your desktop;
Users can further personalize or customize those styles, using one of their own designed creations, with unique schemes for colors, textures, and wallpaper backgrounds being supported SkinStudio will complete any partial customization initiated on a Windows interface by inexperienced users, in-order for them to create great skins quickly, while advanced users can still enjoy designing every aspect of the Windows interface while utilizing provisions that allows for instant preview of selections and adjustments before applying them to their desktop.
Utilizing WindowBlinds, SkinStudio, simplified configuration editing, menu makes personalizing your desktop quick and intuitive and enables you to make, uniquely yours, designs of your own skins of desktop interfaces ranging from the taskbar, progress animations, title bars, and control buttons to the start menu panel, borders, and explorer window frames as well as their associated fonts, colors, backgrounds and more.
Capability to save skin-themes' aesthetics, styles, fonts, wallpaper backgrounds, textures and colors allow a setup of customized skins-presets and provide for the subsequent ease and speed by which they can be quickly accessed, changed and chosen for use in your own skins; these skins can be allowed to blend into your backgrounds by adjusting the transparency of the desktop interface themes and their features can further be automated to randomly select a new skin at timed intervals on a Per application skinning basis.

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  • WindowBlinds enables you to make your desktop interface uniquely yours, by allowing features such as: Transparency skin, which provide, simultaneous overview, of
  • interfaces that blend into your backgrounds, Per application skinning, which provide
  • for selected skins to match selected applications and for users on steriods, or users craving even more variety, there is Randomize skins, which could provide a different Transparency or Per
  • application skin, or both, every time you logon.


  • Not applicable to computer systems operating without Windows-8 or Windows-7 as well as similar window-driven interfaces as is the case with command-line prompt driven
  • systems.
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