Warlike Flyboys - WW3

Warlike Flyboys - WW3

Warlike Flyboys is a simulation game in which you pilot a plane
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Warlike Flyboys is a simulation game in which you pilot a plane and must destroy your enemies. It seems that the world is at war and you must attack your enemies with your aircrafts. You can choose to play with the US, USSR, or Europe, and there are three difficulty levels. Every level has a certain mission that you have to achieve in order to get to the next one. There are also different planes to choose from as well as different weapons like bombs, missiles, etc., that you must use to destroy different enemies.

Fortunately, the game includes three modes: Training, Quick game, and the Main mode. In Training mode you can practice your moves and get acquainted with the weapons. Quick game is very similar to the Main mode, but it is shorter, since you have isolated missions to comply with. Finally, in the main mode, you will be playing in war and will have different missions to accomplish.
What is more, the game features astonishing and realistic 3D graphics which require a computer to have much available space and a good graphic card to function properly.

In short, Warlike Flyboys is an excellent simulation game that will make you feel you are actually fighting on a plane.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Great graphics and sound effects.
  • Three difficulty levels.
  • Three modes


  • Requires lots of computer resources to function properly
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