Visendo Fax Server

Visendo Fax Server

Visendo Fax Server receives fax messages (modem and ISDN) and sends them via SMTP to your mail accou
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Fax Server Standard edition brings in additional features compared to the Express Edition such as POP3 call, email forwarding as fax (Mail2Fax) and an automatic archiving system. Quality and safety in a package with up to 10 user licenses!

After the fast and easy installation, with no additional hardware, Visendo Fax Server Express receives and sends your faxes instantly. These are stored as images that can be sent by email to your personal mailbox e.g. Outlook.

Fax Server Standard edition is more powerful than Express Edition, allowing an unlimited number of clients (compared to 5 in the case of Express Edition), Mail2Fax and automatic archiving.

Fax Server - unique, useful and very simple software that helps you receive fax messages and sends them via SMTP to your mail account.

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