VirtualDub 1.5

VirtualDub is a freeware application designed for the video edition
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VirtualDub is a freeware application designed for the video edition, is a tool under a GNU General Public License. It has multiple options and usage; it had been supported from Windows 95 to XP.
It helps to personalize our videos, merging or cutting them supporting different types of video compressions. Two preview panels are included letting us verify the quality of the original video, and the changes applied to the video.

The software is very versatile, it include preload filters for the configuration of the video sides, grayscale, vertical or horizontal flip, inclusion of images (logo, etc) and position of them, also the load of external filters providing multiple perspectives of what we can modify in our videos… include subtitles, run images or videos inside other videos, etc.

By personal experience the timeframe to process the videos could vary depending on the quality and modifications but the results always are the bests, you can get more information of this software on their website.

Jose Ruiloba
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  • Freeware.
  • Doesn’t need to be installed, just download and run.
  • Multiple functions and options.


  • It’s an old version.
  • Needs an installation, or presence of codec in the system to load properly the videos.
  • Timeframe of the conversion is not the best.
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