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USB devices are increasingly popular. Now you can find anything, from memory card readers to mice and keyboards and even hard drives that are connected via an USB port. Nevertheless, these devices are somewhat delicate, since they need to be unplugged only after Windows tells you that it is safe to do so. But Windows' safe removal tool shows only generic names of the devices connected to your system, with no extra information, thus making it difficult to choose the right device to disable. USB Safety Remove shows the exact name of each device, together with many other useful information like its autorun properties and other technical data. The program allows you to disable any of your USB devices without disconnecting them. Also, if a device can't be disabled, the program shows the processes in which that device is involved, so you can cancel those processes before disabling the device.

The program also includes a series of key combinations for making its processes easier, and lets you run automatically the program(s) included in the device or needed for its functioning. This is especially useful with memory cards and sticks, where you can set up the program to run a backing up of all its data before telling you that it is safe to remove the device.

There are several types of licenses (personal, commercial and unlimited), intended for different kinds of users. You can choose the one that best matches your needs.

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