Unique Screen Recorder is a screen recording software
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Unique Screen Recorder is a screen recording software that lets you record your desktop screen activity for later playback. Any application that runs on your Windows PC can be recorded including applications with video and audio. You can create presentations from the screen recordings by adding your own audio narration. You can demonstrate how to use a web site or explain a product concept.

Screen Video Maker provides the ability to output your screen recordings Windows Media (WMV) format. You can make WMV files that are designed to be played from a streaming server and presented to large audiences over the Internet.

Main Features:
- Record what happens on your screen and create to Windows Media (WMV) format.
- Create tutorials and presentations.
- Create software demos.
- Create software demos with video and audio.
- Create video bug report along with audio narration.
- Track specific application activities.
- Record the entire desktop in different ways:
- Record specific region in a window by just click.
- Record entire screen without taskbar.
- Record entire screen.
- Getting Started WMV recordings suitable for a streaming server.
- Organize your screen recordings in easily accessible folder.
- You can set recording frame rate per second.
- You can set recording video height and width.
- You can flash the recording area.
- Unique Screen Recorder lets you record one complete application/window including all the child windows. During recording if you move on to another application, the recording will pause and resume again when you get back on the application/window.


-Minimum System Requirements for Unique Screen Recorder are:
-Microsoft® Windows 2000 / 2003 / XP / Vista.
-Minimum 300 MHz Processor.
-Minimum 256 MB RAM.
-Minimum 10 MB of hard disk space on installation drive.
-PC microphone is optional.

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