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Uniblue MaxiDisk

Free utility to clean up your HDD from temporary files and gain storage space
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Uniblue MaxiDisk offers you two of those utilities that we should all launch regularly on our computers - a disk defragmenter and a junk files cleaner. These two simple operations are essential to keep your PC free of unnecessary temporary files - and thus recover precious free space - and to boost up its loading time. MaxiDisk performs both tasks efficiently and for free.

With one of those colorful and nice-to-look-at interfaces that all Uniblue products can boast of, MaxiDisk is a simple-to-operate utility suitable for all types of users. The information provided by its various scan reports is clear and straightforward, which is always helpful to make the right decisions. The program performs two different scans, one to determine the level of fragmentation of the selected hard drive, and another one to identify all those unnecessary files that can be easily removed from your system without harming its integrity. Both scans are launched separately and take nothing but a couple of minutes. The information they deliver is highly valuable to determine your system's health.

After scanning your drives looking for junk files, MaxiDisk will classify all the files found in various categories - recycle bin, Windows temporary files, and Internet temporary files. Each category will tell you the amount of space they now occupy, and therefore how much space you can gain back if you get rid of them. You can choose which categories will go and which will stay. You can also look for and get rid of old backups that you don't need any more, or compress some of the largest files on your system to recover free space without losing them forever.

While disk defragmentation is not a process that you want to launch every week, it is advisable that you clean your HDDs on a regular basis - you will be amazed to see the number of GB that these junk files may occupy (in just a couple of months) in the monster drives that we now have on our PCs. That is why it is never a bad idea to have free and efficient utilities like MaxiDisk at hand.

Francisco Martínez
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