TwinText 2.4

TwinText™, a friendly source code documentation tool
2008.0 (See all)

TwinText™, a friendly source code documentation tool, solves this problem by generating HTML and HTML Help documentation directly from code comments. Normally tags, markup or specific comment boxes are not needed, so code comments remain clean, readable and familiar.
TwinText features an effective parsing engine behind a direct interface. The tool properly mixes selected comment sections with precise code analysis to generate usable documentation with the right level of detail.
Main features:
-20 customizable documentation styles
-Custom commenting syntax definition
-Output renders perfectly in all browsers, including IE, Safari, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape®, and Opera
-Windows and Unix file handling
-Immediate feedback on embedded web browser
-Handles virtually any comment box
-Works with plain text files—the documentation source does not need to be enclosed within code comments
-Automatic and configurable generation of table of contents, summary, index and links
-Recognition of lists, parameter definitions and other elements
-Images, ASCII diagrams, and hyperlinks can be included in the documentation
-Able to extract comments from thousands of files and millions of lines of code
-Able to work on either a file or project basis
-XML based project file format (fully documented) for easy modification or generation
-Project can combine multiple programming languages, even in the same file
-Copyright notice and project title can be included in all pages
-Relative paths—re-allocate your code and documentation resource folder instantly
-Optional feedback link generation
-Projects can be built using the command line; ideal for automated builds

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