TVAnts Build 0834 is a P2P-based Internet broadcast program
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TVAnts Build 0834 is a P2P-based Internet audio and video broadcast program.
It includes signal acquisition, compression coding, organization and distribution of programming, network acceleration, client connectivity players, and other modules.

As with many P2P applications, Windows XP will block TVAnts by default. There will be a banner warning you about this when you start the program, offering you to unblock it. Do it.

Most of the channels are chinese (it´s a chinese program, after all) but you can find some other channels as well, using the Search function.

The quality of the image is good. The TV screen overlaps everything else, no matter if you do an Alt-Tab. It disappears when you minimize it.

The program supports Chinese, English and Spanish.

Through the Servers Option you can see a list of broadcasting servers.

With Search you can track down any wanted signal using a word or groups of words.

"Channels" will store a list of previously seen channels, so you can revisit them.

"Charts", "Performance" and "Events" will give you an inside view of the technical aspects of the program and the network.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • The image and sound are good


  • There are not many servers or channels
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