Treasure Puzzle

Treasure Puzzle

Treasure Puzzle takes you to an adventure in search for ancient treasures
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Treasure Puzzle, developed by Media contact LLC, takes you to an amazing adventure in search for ancient treasures. After finding an old map of a strange island, you are given the task of uncovering the secret treasures hidden there by the Incas for hundreds of years.
This wonderful puzzle challenges you to make your way along this path, and restore the priceless artifacts to the museum.
Treasure Puzzle features a match-3 game play, very easy to play as well as entertaining. You only have to drag a tile and place beside its matching object to form a line of three or more. For each level you complete, you will be given the piece of an artifact. Your mission is to get all the pieces and restore the whole artifact, which total 18, and take them to the museum.
There are plenty of bonuses and power-ups to help you in your adventure, which makes the game really surprising and varied, avoiding monotonous and repetitive levels.
Treasure Puzzle offers two different game modes: Adventure, if you are looking for more excitement and action, and Untimed mode if you want to chill out and play without time constraints.
The designs are very detailed and colorful and the animations are superb. Visually the game is impressive, this is one of the most noteworthy aspects of the game. Treasure Puzzle is definitely an excellent option, surprisingly good for a free puzzle game.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Excellent gameplay.
  • Superb graphics and visual effects.
  • Free.


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