Transformers - The Game

Transformers - The Game

Transformers: The Game is based on the new picture released on 2008
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The Transformers have been a success among children, and from a business point of view, I think that they have given a very interesting ROI. I remember when I was kid, waiting eagerly for the TV show to begin. Now they come back with a new picture, toys and games, and I’m sure that many of today’s kids will also love them as I loved the Transformers when I was a little kid. Transformers: The Game, is based on the new picture released on 2008 and it consists in two campaigns: The Autobot Campaign and the Decepticon Campaign. The Autobot campaign consists in defending Earth from the evil Decepticons, on the other hand, The Decepticon Campaign consist in annihilating the Autobots and gaining control on Earth. This was quite expectable since the Transformers' story is quite known for all of us since a very long time. Each campaingn is divided in several, very alike, missions reflecting different game situations. In those missions the player can grab, hit, shoot his/her rivals in order to beat them and fulfill the objectives. The game control is very easy, so the player can get used to it quickly. The game delivers to the user great intensity on each battle, along with great sounds, taking advantage of 5.1 surround capabilities, the explosions, fight noises and soundtrack music taken directly from the movie, make even better the experience of playing this game. I cannot skip talking about the graphics and visual effects, the detail level of this game is very high, so that means that the user will need a very good graphics card. The transformers are very detailed and they look very similar as the robots seen in the picture. I really liked this game, I hope you'll also like it.

Rodrigo Rodriguez
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  • Great playability, graphics and sounds


  • Maybe it has many action for little kids
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