TNC Public Tools

TNC Public Tools

TNC Public Tools is a toolset designed for use with ArcGIS Desktop 9.3
2.0 (See all)

TNC Public Tools is a toolset designed for use with ArcGIS Desktop 9.3. The tools were developed against the .NET 2.0 framework using Visual Studio 2005 and were designed to aid in everyday GIS tasks within the ArcMap environment.

Tools included :

- Shading Tool (ArcInfo only) - This tool creates a visualization layer that can be used to highlight a polygon area of interest. The tool takes as input a polygon representing the boundary of an area and another polygon that fully contains the boundary polygon (e.g. a state polygon if the boundary is smaller than the state). A multiple ring buffer is created around the boundary that provides the visual effects. The user must specify the number of rings and the constant ring interval to use. The number of rings and size of the interval should be based on the size of the boundary and the distance desired. Ideally, use the measure tool to estimate the distance desired from the boundary.
This tool will work on selected features.

- Dockable Overview Window - This tool allows the user to select a layer from the map to use as an overview layer within the dockable window. Users can navigate around the map from within the overview window by zooming to different areas.

- Display Area - This tool will display the area (in acres or hectares) of the polygons clicked on within the map. The area is displayed in a message box that shows the area of the polygons of all layers in the map. Note: There does not need to be an area field in the attribute table for this to function. To change from acres to hectares, right-click within the map while the Display Area tool is active and select from the context menu.

- Update Layer Metadata - Updates one or more layer files' metadata to reflect the metadata of the underlying data source(s).

- Metadata Menu - There are two tools on this menu that help with metadata management (Added 11/06/06). This menu can be found on the Feature Layer Context Menu, Raster Layer Context Menu, and the Layer Context Menu.
1. Import metadata within ArcMap
2. Edit metadata within ArcMap

- Batch Export Metadata - This form will allow the export of one or more metadata documents from datasets within the same workspace. Users can select from a list of export formats.

- List Datasets - This tool will create a dbf file that lists all of the datasets within a specified workspace (either a folder or a geodatabase) and extracts five key metadata attributes of each dataset. The attributes are 'Title', 'Abstract', 'Purpose', 'Origin', and 'Keywords'.

- Set Transparency (group sub-layers) - This tool (found on the group layer context menu) will set the transparency levels of each sub-layer within a single group layer. This tool is different than setting the transparency of group layers on the Effects Toolbar in that it sets the transparency of each individual sub-layer.

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