Talking Caller ID

Talking Caller ID 5.1

Says who's calling and sends the callers name and number to your pager
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Program actually talks to you, telling you who is calling before you pick up the phone. The program can also notify you on your pager (alphanumeric or beeper) of calls received. There is no need to run over to your caller id display to see who is calling. The program uses a text-to-speech engine which pronounces the name and/or number received from your caller id service. A window also pops up showing you who is calling. You can configure this window to be minimized, normal size or maximized to the largest font which will fit on your screen. You can record a custom greeting in your own voice for each caller that the program will say on your speakers whenever you receive a call from that person. You can also attach a photo or note file to any caller which will be displayed whenever a call from that person is received. The program also keeps a database containing every person who has called containing their name, phone number, date, time and number of rings. The main screen shows this list of callers with the most recent at the top. You can also view an alphabetized phone directory of all of the callers. It shows how many times each person has called and if there is a custom greeting, photo, note file or other options associated with this number. The database and phone directory can be printed. You can dial anyone one the list by simple double clicking on their name.

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