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Super Smash Flash EXE 1.0

Super Smash Flash EXE 1.0 is a platform/fight game
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Super Smash Flash EXE 1.0 is a platform/fight game. In order to run this game, you must have Flash Player 8 or better installed, with storage rights. This game is based in Super Smash Flash Melee for Nintendo Gamecube. You will choose a character that will represent you on the screen. Once done, you will fight against other 28 different Nintendo characters in a platform scenario. You will control your character using the cursor movement keys to move it, the "O" key to jump and the "P" key to attack your opponent. The "attack" action will be different for each character. You will have to avoid to be thrown to the abyss. If this happens, you´ll lose a life. The game can be played in One Player Mode (against the computer) or in Two Players mode. You can choose to play a Regular Match (in Classic or Adventure Mode), Stadium (Target Test or Multi-Man Melee) or in the Training Mode. In the Training Mode you can select which character you want to fight against, and the level in which you want to fight.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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Guest Fun game! And 2 is even better!

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Guest This game is pretty solid considering it's a one-man-indie flash game. It's fun to play, and the fact that it's free makes it entirely more enjoyable! It has a good cast of fighters, and doesn't suffer from only being able to use Nintendo characters (Wanna fight with Goku or MegaMan?).

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zaq1xsw2 cute,fast,you can drag tabs out,use-friendly,most important is that it's stable,no aero skins.

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