Steganos Password Manager

Steganos Password Manager

Safely stores and organizes passwords, credit card data, and other private info
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No one can deny anymore the huge importants of having different passwords for each and every of your accounts, but as recommended as this fact is, it also comes with the downside that the more passwords you have, the harder they are to remember and track around. For such situations, password management tools like the Steganos Password Manager were created.

Steganos Password Manager doesn't lets you store and organize only passwords in a secure and convenient manner, but it also lets you store and manage bank accounts and credit card data too. All the data stored within this application will be perfectly safe, as Steganos Password Manager uses the reliable AES 256-bit encryption algorithm to protect the provided info. There's also a virtual keyboard included, which makes it impossible for keyloggers to record keyboard input. This powerful application helps you create new passwords too, as it includes a handy password generator which creates new, strong, random passwords.

Another cool thing about Steganos Password Manager is the fact that it comes with browser integration, meaning that it provides plugins for your favorite web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.) which will help you quickly log in to your accounts.

To sum it all up, Steganos Password Manager is a powerful password manager that leaves pretty much no room for complaint. It's both comprehensive and easy-to-use, and its full price is affordable.

Margie Smeer
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  • Reasonable price.
  • Uses reliable AES-256 bit encryption.
  • Provides browser integration.
  • Simple-to-use interface.
  • Includes a password generator


  • Can't think of any disadvantage
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