Welltech SP365 is a soft-phone designed for VOIP service provider
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Welltech SP365 is a soft-phone designed for VOIP service provider. With built-in Account Balance Display, Voice Mail Indicator and Text Message Chatting, SP365 is a best choice for running the VOIP service with PC Windows platform solution. It is not only providing required features for service provider, but also granting them to customize their own features such as customized skin, service URL and local language. It makes your VOIP service easily and unique.

Main Features :

1. When working Home or Traveling : When you have accessed to internet with public or private IP, SP365 at your PC or Laptop can register to Service provider platform as pre-paid or post-paid . You can make PSTN call via ITSP service platform or retrieve voice mail. Also, any incoming call from PSTN can ring your SP365 softphone as well. You never miss an important call or an order.
2. Account Balance Display for Pre-Paid service : It provides the account balance display after each call at left and lower position in display. You are able to read how much time and money you made a call and what is your balance.
3. Intelligent NAT Traversal : SIP Proxy 6500/6550 has intelligent NAT traversal features to handle softphone SP365 which was installed at private IP ( behind router ), DHCP, PPPoE or Wi-Fi. You don't need to configure router or firewall to pass the NAT call. The SP362 also can pass through private IP when you are at office, Hotel or home private IP. It allows to make a call between two private IP.
4. Secure a privacy Talking : The SP365 softphone supports voice packet and SIP signal with encryption. This application
avoid any ISP blocking to prohibit VoIP call. It gives you an secure privacy talking.

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