SoftSkin Photo Makeup

SoftSkin Photo Makeup 1.1

Easy-to-use photo editor capable of applying virtual make-up to your portraits
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SoftSkin Photo Makeup provides you with a simple and efficient image retouching tool specifically designed to remove all blemishes from your digital portraits. You can also use this simple utility to enhance and correct any digital photograph, and even to convert any image file from one format into another. JPEG, BMP, PNG, PCX, TIFF, and GIF are only some of the most popular file types supported.

Except for its “Image Correction” tool, which you can apply to any type of digital image that needs to be fixed, all the other tools provided are directly related to skin softening, eye outlining, teeth whitening, and various other ways of correcting and enhancing someone’s looks or hiding flaws. Think of it as a virtual make-up that you can apply to any digital image as a post-processing effect. Red-eye correction and spot removal are two classics in any retouching tool, and you will also find them in Photo Makeup. They come together with other more specific tools, such as Lipstick, Eye Pencil, or Bleach, which will allow you to outline both lips and eyes in a snap and to whiten eyeballs, teeth, etc.

All retouching tasks can be applied manually in a simple and straightforward way. (You will find that the program’s high-quality zoom in and out tools are of a great help.) Skin retouching, besides, allows you to automate the cleaning process and to apply it to the entire surface of the image or to selected areas only.

Finally, it is important to note that the program does care about your images – any action you perform on them can be easily rolled back using a convenient Undo option, and you can always go back to the original image in just one click in case everything goes wrong.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Clear and intuitive interface.
  • Easy-to-use brushes and retouching tools.
  • Can be used as a simple photo conversion tool.
  • Supports all popular image file formats


  • Limited toolbox
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