SoftSkin Photo Makeup

SoftSkin Photo Makeup

Versatile image editor with a good choice of retouching and enhancing tools
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Getting rid of skin blemishes, spots, red eyes, or simply enhancing your portrait photos with a soft and smooth finish are all picture editing tasks that SoftSkin Photo Makeup makes easy to perform. It does not matter if you’re new to image retouching or not – this simple app will help you add a professional touch to your portraits without the hassle of learning all the complexities of renowned professional editing tools.

This app mixes basic editing features with an interesting selection of tools and brushes. The more standard editing functions will let you perform basic correction actions to your images prior (or after) the retouching process. Thus, it includes sliders to change the brightness, contrast, and saturation values, as well as the temperature, tint, and gamma settings of the image. You can also crop your images to select a specific area and rotate them when necessary.

The retouching functions are not only more numerous but also more interesting. Red Eye will let you get rid of those annoying red dots that appear in many portraits when the flash is involved. Spot Remover offers you a customizable brush that you can use to remove spots, stains, freckles, or any other skin blemish that affect to a small area. Concealer Brush, on the contrary, is more suitable for adding an overall smooth touch to larger portions of skin. Then you have three retouching tools whose names say it all – Lipstick, Eye Pencil, and Bleach. Though originally thought to add a glossy finish to the lips, apply shadows and lines to the eyes, and to enhance the white coating of the teeth, when used wisely, these can help you perform many other makeup tricks.

All changes performed can be easily rolled back using the Undo option, and you can return to the original by clicking on “Original Image” at any time to check if the changes performed look as expected. You also count with an “Undo brush” to fine-tune whatever changes you've performed or to undo certain actions just partially.

With SoftSkin Photo Makeup you won’t need to learn how to master extremely complicated image editors to enhance the final look of your best portraits. Be it a tiny spot or a bigger blemish in a larger surface, this tool comes with just the right brushes and pencils to solve the problem.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Offers varied retouching and enhancing tools.
  • Easy-to-use customizable brushes.
  • Undo feature


  • No drawbacks found during the review
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