Snake Slider is a puzzle game for Windows, inspired by Rush Hour and Nibbler
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Snake Slider is a puzzle game for Windows, inspired by Rush Hour and Nibbler.
The object of the game is to move the green snake head-first through the exit. Move any snake by clicking the head or tail, then hold the mouse button and move around. You can only move horizontally and vertically, you cannot move a snake diagonally. A snake can eat certain objects, see below.

There are several objects in the game:

Green snake - Must move to the exit
Yellow snake - Block the way but can be moved
Walls - Block the way
Apple - Snake grows when it eats an apple
Mushroom - Snake shrinks when it eats a mushroom
Dirt - Snakes can eat through dirt
Locks - Block the way but can be unlocked
Keys - Eat key to remove locks of same colour
Crates - Block the way but can be pushed
Crate with arrow(s) - Can be pushed, but only in direction of arrow
Exit - Move the green snake here

Although mouse controls are recommended, you can also use the keyboard to play the game. By default the keyboardcursor is invisible, it will appear the first time you press a cursorkey. You can move the keyboardcursor with the cursor keys. When the keyboardcursor is over a snake's head or tail, press SPACE or RETURN to grab it. Now you can move the snake around, press SPACE or RETURN again to release it.

Complete all built-in puzzles, 25 normal puzzles and 25 extra puzzles, to find out how to activate the auto-solve function.

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