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SkyFonts is a program that allows you to install desktop fonts
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SkyFonts is a simple utility that helps a lot those who purchase, install, test, and use fonts on a constant basis. This handy little tool can automatically update installed fonts and synchronize them across various devices. Furthermore, it makes it easy to install and manage multiple fonts at the same time.

Unfortunately, this tool only works for fonts provided by 5 services:, Google Fonts, MyFonts, Monotype, and LinoType. If you use other sources to get your fonts, then SkyFonts won’t help you much. But if you get your fonts from one of those 5 services, SkyFonts can be of undeniable help. It tracks every installed font, even when you install it on different locations (5 devices are supported), while synchronizing them quickly and conveniently. Moreover, it enables you to test fonts from in a simple way, as it also enables you to access and try the so-called mock-up fonts which are desktop versions of web fonts.

SkyFonts also keeps a convenient history of all tested and installed fonts, and it’s really easy to use: most of the time it will reside unobtrusively in the tray area, providing only notifications when fonts are installed or expire.

In conclusion, if your daily work requires dealing with fonts, you should give this tool a try, as it can help you a lot. Furthermore, it’s also free, so trying it won’t cost you a thing.

Margie Smeer
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  • Lets you try desktop versions of web fonts.
  • It's easy to use.
  • Keeps a history/log of fonts.
  • Free


  • Works only with some font providers (5 services)
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