Remove junk files and corrupted registry keys, and defragment registry files
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simpliclean is a system optimizer that works primarily by eliminating problems from the Registry. Fixing this type of errors reduces the time the system needs to process data and initiate applications, and, as a result, your PC benefits from a faster performance and greater stability. In addition, the program can free disk space and adjust battery saving options.

The application is very easy to use, as most of the operations require only a couple of clicks. There’s even an online introductory video to teach you how to use it, but if you prefer reading, you can also consult the accompanying help file. A dashboard displays the current status of such areas as the Registry, speed and security. It also provides several data about the system like temperature and percentage of processor load. Besides, you can have information about the operating system version, the processor model, the mainboard and the graphics card.

When one of the values resulting from the scan exceeds the recommended threshold, the tool shows it graphically. Then, you can proceed to clean or defragment the Registry, delete unnecessary files and empty the Recycle Bin. Moreover, there's the Multimedia Data Manager, a feature that looks for files and folders that exceed a given size so that you can take appropriate decisions about them. Besides, the program can adjust the system’s power options to make your battery last longer.

Unfortunately, simpliclean works as a shareware version of a paid suite called simplitec, which means that, if you want to access some of its other features, you will have to purchase this product. These paid features would allow you to optimize startup, tune your Internet connection, defragment disks, optimize Windows services and settings as well as uninstall applications. Another limitation is that although the tool can be set to start a checkup automatically after the system startup, there’s no way to schedule the optimization actions.

In general, simpliclean seems to work as expected, and I intentionally say “seems” because the effectiveness of optimizers is difficult to prove. I especially liked a feature called “High Speed Mode”, which allows you to free up system reserves by pausing unnecessary services and changing power saving options. As a result, the system can allocate extra resources and cause a considerable gain in the performance of the applications opened after the changes.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is very easy to use.
  • It has nice and neat interface.
  • It can free up system reserves by pausing unnecessary services and changing power saving options.
  • It helps you deal with large files and folders.


  • It doesn't allow scheduling actions.
  • Many optimizing features are not available from the free version.
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