SeqScape 2.7

SeqScape software is designed for reference based analysis
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Applied Biosystems SeqScape® software is designed for reference based analysis such as mutation detection and analysis, SNP discovery and validation, pathogen sub-typing, allele identification, and sequence confirmation. This product is also integrated for use with VariantSEQr™ Resequencing Set.

Main Features:
- Analyze data faster and more accurately with software optimized for Applied Biosystems sequencing reagents and instruments.
- Obtain quality values for each base pair, consensus sequence and mutation using robust algorithms, enhanced display capabilities, and detailed results reports.
- Automatically process raw data from genetic analyzers and generate reports with mutations hyperlinked to the source electropherograms.
- Streamline your resequencing projects using VariantSEQr™ Resequencing System primer sets and pre-configured project templates for SeqScape® software.
- Focus on relevant data by using the view-by-layer feature so you can create many custom views of the same data, each with specific sets of exons and introns.

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