Performs searchs within disks real fast from automatically generated indexes

SearchWithin, as its name indicates, is more or less another search engine with similar functions of other options. It comes in two different versions: a free sponsored one, wich can get really annoying launching over and over again your web browser to show you some advertisements; and a licensed version, at a very affordable price of 9,95 wich is worth to paid not to see the ads.

As all the applications and tools from the same developer, the look is not the remarkable thing, but this maybe contributes to make them really easy to understand and use. And, no need to say, they work just find.
Only one main window composed of three tabs: Search, Index and Scheduler.
In the Search tab you input the query that can consists of words and phrases, conected with AND and OR criteria. Once you defined the query just push the Search button to star.
If it's the first time you use the application you will be asked to create an index. That you can do from the second tab, the Index tab. There you will find the following options for the creation of the Index:

Root folder: to set the location from where the index will be constructed. You can list various different locations for one index.
Include PDF documents;
Include PowerPoint documents;
Include Word and Word Perfect documents;
Include Excel documents;
Index documents button: to start the indexing process.

The third and last tab, the Scheduler tab, let you set days and time to update the indexes you have defined in the Index section. You first select the time to start the indexer and then the day or days in the week you want the indexer to work. Take into account that the options reduce to only one day in the week (you can choose wich one) and everyday.
When you are done, you push the the big button that reads Install Automatic Indexer Service, and SearchWithin will obey. Search results are displayed on a web browser window.

Since SearchWithin creates a search index in a prior time of the actual search, you will find the searching process very fast. And don't think that the indexing process is going to take forever (like a anti-virus analisys) cause it's performed real fast too. Search results are displayed on a web browser window.

Juan MorĂ¡n
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  • Free version available.
  • Easy to use.
  • Works fast


  • Annoying sponsored version.
  • Only english support
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