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Screenshot Captor 4.5

A handy screen capture app which offers plenty of extra tools and functions
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This is a versatile screen capture app which offers plenty of extra tools and configurable functions. Screenshot Captor resides in the background and doesn't interfere with your daily activities. Besides, the tool allows you to take lots of screenshots very easily and with only minimal intervention from your side. It is compatible with all Windows versions from Windows 95 to Windows 8.

Screenshot Captor allows you to capture different objects from your screen, like the entire desktop, specific windows or other objects, scrolling windows, and any rectangular area. The program traps the PrntScr key in your keyboard, so that you can press it to take a whole-screen screenshot. However, the program also assigns other key combinations to other similar actions – for example, you can press Alt+PrntScr to capture the active window only, Shift+PrntScr to capture a rectangular area, or Ctrl+Alt+PrntScr to capture a fixed-size rectangular area. Anyway, the program also offers you a so-called “quick-capture bar”, which includes several buttons for all of these and other actions.

By default, the program launches the "new screenshot" dialog as soon as you take a new one. Basically, it allows you to decide what to do with your new screen capture. You can save it as a disk file, print it, copy it to the clipboard, or send it by e-mail, among other actions. However, you can also configure the program not to open this dialog but to launch its main window instead, or simply stay minimized at the system tray. As an additional feature, you can also use Screenshot Captor to acquire images from your scanner or webcam.

But this program offers even more powerful features, besides all the ones I already mentioned. For example, it allows you to apply many editing functions and special effects to your captures, it supports multi-monitor captures, and it is capable of integrating itself with other third-party tools, such as external image editors.

In conclusion, Screenshot Captor is a compact yet feature-rich tool that provides you with all you need to take high-quality and professional screenshots. I would highly recommend it, as I believe it is one of the best free screen capture tools around.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Intuitive.
  • Compatible with all Windows versions
  • from Windows 95 onwards.
  • Allows you to capture different kinds of objects and areas of your screen.
  • Allows you to send your captures by e-mail.
  • Capable of acquiring images from your scanner or webcam.
  • Allows you to apply editing functions and special effects to your captures.
  • Supports multi-monitor captures.
  • Capable of integrating itself with other third-party tools


  • You cannot customize the program's hotkeys
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