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Screenshot Captor can take shots of your computer screen
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Screenshot Captor can take screenshots of any part of your computer screen. In this regard, you can capture a specified area, an entire window or the whole screen. Besides, it can acquire a still image from a webcam or scanner. Unfortunately, the main downside of this tool is that it isn’t very easy to use. In fact, you will probably need to explore its interface and read the available help documentation before you feel comfortable using it.

While the application is running from the System Tray, it responds to key combinations involving the PrtScr key. Also, you can use its Quick-capture bar. Once an image has been grabbed, the tool also allows some basic editing operations like trimming and applying special effects, such as borders and captions. Then, after all the desired changes have been made, you can share the results in different ways; for instance, you can copy them to the clipboard or save them as images in a wide variety of formats. Also, they can be sent via email or uploaded to any online hosting system.

In my opinion, the distinguishing feature that is worth learning the ways how to use the program is the possibility of capturing a scrolling window. To tell you the truth, I had been doing this manually for many years as I didn’t know there was a tool available for this purpose.

In general, Screenshot Captor helps you evade the shortcomings of using the PrtScr key or Windows built-in snipping tool. Furthermore, it even allows taking screenshots of some applications that cannot be captured otherwise as well as of scrolling windows. Thus, if you’re ready to learn how to use it, you will surely benefit from a complete tool.

Pedro Castro
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  • Allows capturing scrolling Windows.
  • Allows basic editing.
  • Can capture images from a variety of sources.
  • Allows sharing images in various ways.
  • Supports multiple output formats


  • It is not very easy to use
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