RogueKiller 11.0

RogueKiller is an anti-malware tool able to detect and remove generic malware
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RogueKiller is a powerful tool that enables you to scan your system for rootkits, worms, and other dangerous malware infections. It not only detects these threats but it can also remove them from your system. Unlike other similar programs, RogueKiller has a high detection rate even if it includes the detection of controversial programs (PUPs) as well as possible bad system modifications/corruptions (PUMs), and all this without providing a troubling number of false positives.

RogueKiller is also very reliable thanks to the fact that it uses both the two accurate detection methods: the generic heuristics-based one, and the more classic anti-malware analysis based on signature finding. The free unregistered version of RogueKiller comes with various limitations when it comes to the supported features and functions, therefore if you want to enjoy stuff like command-line operations, the logs and quarantine managers, or the customized scans, you have to purchase the “Personal” edition.

Another cool thing about RogueKiller is the fact that it comes with a really simple-to-use interface that even complete beginners can handle. Unfortunately, the scanning speed seemed atrociously slow to me, especially compared to other similar anti-malware tools that I tested recently. It might have been just a compatibility issue between this app and my system though, and in your case it might prove to be a lost faster.

Anyway, RogueKiller is a really interesting anti-malware tool that deserves a try, in my opinion, as it provides precise detection and is also really easy to use.

Margie Smeer
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  • Easy to use.
  • Uses two detection metods and offers precise detection.
  • Affordable


  • Scanning speed was abysmally low during my testing
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