Registry Wise Cleaner

Registry Wise Cleaner

Analyzes and repairs your registry and other key areas of your system
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Registry Wise Cleaner is a system utility the main aim of which is to analyze your Windows registry, find critical errors and repair them, resulting in a lighter, quicker and more stable PC. However, this program also provides you with many other complementary tools that analyze multiple key areas of your whole system, allowing you to solve different kinds of problems and leave your PC with no problems.

Registry Wise Cleaner executes all its functions on a single-window environment. All of them are classified under different categories, such as Scan & Clean, Backups, System fix, IE tools, System tools, Easy wizards, or Registry fixer. The first time you run the program, it automatically scans your registry, showing you a report with all the errors found. Besides that, when you close its main window, the program does not actually stop running, but stays in your system tray area running in background mode. You can close it completely using the icon in the tray.

Its user interface is very nice and clear. You can access any of the categories mentioned above by moving through the left bar, and the related functions will display under tabs on the main panel. Among the most important functionality this program includes, I should mention the Shortcut fixer, the Duplicate file cleaner, the Junk file cleaner, the Folder backup and/or restore, the Winsock errors repair, the Common specific errors repair, the Internet Explorer plug-in and other elements remove, the ActiveX items block or unblock, the Startup manager, the File splitter, the Internet tuner, the Memory optimizer, and, of course, the Registry analyze and repair.

Most of those features will allow you to manually start a scan and get an error report. Then you can decide if you want to solve the errors found or not. However, this trial version of the program acts as a "Demo", allowing you to see the available functionality and to get error reports, but it does not actually repair anything - every time you try to fix or clean any area of your system, you are invited to buy a license.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Easy to use.
  • Nice and clear interface.
  • Offers a very comprehensive set of system repairing tools.
  • Reasonable price


  • Its trial version does not actually repair anything, only shows error reports
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