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Registry Finder provides a powerful search engine that allows you to find Registry information based on a search criterion. Registry Finder uses the Windows Registry editor tool (Regedit) so you don’t need to learn how to edit, delete or rename registry keys.

Results are displayed in a list allowing you to access any key found with a single mouse click

Edit the value and/or data without going to Regedit

Replace data or values in the Registry. You can select multiple entries in the list and do a group-replace action

Bookmarking registry keys from the Search list and directly from the Windows Registry Editor

Delete Registry keys, values and/or data. You can select multiple Registry entries and delete them in one operation

An Undo File is created for all the edit, replace and delete operations facilitating the restoration process if required

Jump to a key in Windows Regedit tool from the Search List

Copy the selected Registry keys to the Windows Clipboard

Generate a text file based on the Search list and saves it

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