Registry Defragmentation

Registry Defragmentation

Compact your Windows registry and optimize your system's general performance
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If you notice that your Windows system is getting slower and slower every time, and it takes it longer to open your applications (not to mention when your system hangs), Registry Defragmentation might be the right solution for you. This system utility offers various ways to improve and compact your system registry, which more often than not is the cause of those problems.

Registry Defragmentation offers four system and registry optimization methods. "Registry Defragmentation" (just like the program's name) shows a list of the heaviest registry keys, and allows you to individually select which ones you would like to compact and which not. Once the defragmentation is done, a "map" is shown, where you can graphically see the moved areas and the space saved. However, it is necessary to restart the system for the new compacted registry to take effect.

The program also offers a "System Backup", which allows you to manage the well-known Windows' restore points. This tool, however, requires that the service is active on your system in order to work properly. You can also opt for backing up or restoring the registry itself, and, finally, you can schedule defragmentation tasks to be performed on a hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and/or yearly basis, or just once.

Registry Defragmentation is a very comprehensive software program, providing you with all the necessary tools you need to maintain a clean and compact registry in a simple and comfortable way, improving all your system's general performance. As a negative point, every time you want to execute any of the available tasks, a reminder is shown encouraging you to buy and register the program. This might result pretty annoying after a number of times.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Easy to use.
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  • 21-days trial.
  • Shows an annoying reminder for registration very frequently
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