Raptor Shareware

Raptor Shareware

Raptor Shareware is a vertical scroll space shooter
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Raptor Shareware is a vertical scroll space shooter, in the line of DemonStar. In this game you will be guiding a spaceship, shooting your weapons to defeat your enemy's hordes, that will keep coming towards you firing all the time. Destroying spaceships and enemy facilities will get some power-ups to you, like extra lives, fuel and weapons. You will be one of the MegaCorps pilots, and you will compete against your colleagues to destroy more enemy ships. At the end of each wave, you'll have to defeat a boss spaceship. If you success, you will be payed according to your performance in the battle. You can use that money to expand your arsenal, upgrading it with fourteen hard core weapons. The game can be played using keyboard, mouse or joystick. You can choose the level of difficulty between Training Mode, Rookie, Veteran or Elite. This game allows you to save pilots and games, that you can load at any time to go on playing. The unregistered version will allow you to battle in one of the three available missions.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It has nice graphics and sound.
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