QupZilla 1.1

QupZilla is a free web browser that runs in all major platforms
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QupZilla is a free web browser that runs in all major platforms.
The program contains every feature that you will expect in a browser, and offers some others that you will not find in any other browser.

This browser can use several included appearances of Chrome, Windows, and Safari browsers. The "Preferences" tab gives you complete control of the way in which the browser will work when starting, the fonts that it will use, how it will use tabs and toolbars, the proxy configuration, plug-ins allowed, passwords remembered and a lot of other settings.

QupZilla includes a feature labeled as "Save Page Screen", that will let you save a PNG image in any folder that you want to use. Another feature included in this browser is AdBlock, a program that can block pop-ups and ads from many online sites.

Most of the controls are the same that you use in other browsers. F11 switches to full screen, Ctrl+ zooms in, Ctrl- zooms out.

The program´s interface contains a direct access to QupZilla´s site, that is not uploaded yet. This version was published on January 7, 2012.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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