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Quit Counter 1.2 is software that can help you give up smoking
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Smoking is a really harmful habit that causes a lot of serious health problems and diseases. Unfortunately it is very hard to give it up because of very strong nicotine dependence. Developers of Quit Counter 1.2 offers to use computer for giving up smoking. It is a small program with a friendly interface that can really improve your motivation. To start using it you should create a new user. By the way this software can be used by several users, as it allows creating of several accounts. You should input your name, date you decided to give up smoking, amount of cigarettes that you used to smoke per day and price of one pack. The software needs all this information for providing you with statistics about period of time you have been free from nicotine, sum of money and days of your life you have saved. Also Quit Counter 1.2 congratulates you when you reach special milestones, like one month quit, one hundred dollars saved and things like that. All text and milestones can be customized by your demand. The program doesn’t need a lot of system resources.

Ilya Barmenkov
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  • Small size.
  • Friendly interface


  • Poor design
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