Quicken Medical Expense Manager

Quicken Medical Expense Manager

Organizes your medical history and expenses on your PC
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With Quicken Medical Expense Manager:
- Organizes your medical history and expenses on your PC
- Makes it easy to manage medical bills, prescriptions, and insurance statements
- Helps ensure you don’t pay more in medical expenses than you have to
- Keeps your medical information in one easy-to-access place
- Works with all health plans

Main features:
-Provides a clear and current picture of your medical spending
-Tracks claims and payments across multiple insurance companies
-Shows you what to do next
-Manages installment payments
-Finds and helps you fix overcharges and billing errors
-Shows instantly when you've met your deductibles
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-Helps you get the medical tax deductions you deserve
-Manages your Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
-Stores critical information for the whole family - all in one place
-Tracks each person's medical and prescription history
-Reminds you of upcoming events
-Consolidates contact information

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