Quick Input

Quick Input

Quick Input is used to speed up the typing of frequently repeated words
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Quick Input software is used to speed up the typing of frequently repeated words and word combinations in all applications where developers have not implemented this feature.
Using predictive technology, there is now no need to learn how to touch type on the keyboard! Quick Input software can be installed on your computer in order to considerably reduce the time required to type text!

Following data entry into an application, Quick Input memorizes the data and on each subsequent occasion when the first letters are entered, a drop-down hint list of words is made available.

The whole word will no longer have to be typed – just select the necessary word and press 'Enter'. The program will automatically type the selected word and even a whole sentence!

If you use Quick Input, you will no longer have to learn by heart URLs, people’s names, company names and all other kinds of words. It will be enough just to enter the first few letters!
Consequently, mistakes usually made as a result of fast typing will no longer be a problem. Quick Input does not mistype! You can type quickly without fear of missing a letter or pressing the wrong key.

Quick Input is ideal for people of various professions that involve the use of a computer: editors who type articles, teachers who compile tests, doctors who write diagnoses, and data input clerks.

In particular, Quick Input will be the most useful to those who enter a lot of similar data into their company’s databases.

MAin features:
- Operation in all applications
- Automatic addition of words being typed into the dictionary
- Addition of selected text to the dictionary when the corresponding key combination is pressed
- Addition of entire sentences when editing the dictionary
- Import and export of the dictionary as a text file
- Specification of the applications requring Quick Input assistance
- Customizable appearance of the drop-down word list

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