Quartus II

Quartus II 9.1

Quartus II is an architecture-independent package for designing logic devices
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The Quartus II software offers a rich graphical user interface complemented with an illustrated, easy-to-use online Help system. The complete Quartus II system comprises an integrated design environment that includes every step from design entry to device programming.

You can easily combine different types of design files in a hierarchical project, choosing the design entry format that works best for each functional block. You can use the Quartus II Block Editor to create block diagrams that describe your design at a high-level, then use additional block diagrams, schematics, AHDL Text Design Files (.tdf), EDIF Input Files (.edf), VHDL Design Files (.vhd), and Verilog HDL Design Files (.v) to create the lower-level design components. Architecture-independent design entry gives you the freedom to create logic without worrying about the final device implementation.

The advanced user interface to the Quartus II software lets you work with multiple files at the same time, editing multiple design files to transfer information between them, while simultaneously compiling or simulating another project. You can view an entire hierarchy of design files and move smoothly from one hierarchical level to another. As you open a design file, the Quartus II software automatically starts the appropriate design editor.
The Quartus II Compiler lies at the heart of the system, providing powerful design processing that you can customize to achieve the best possible silicon implementation of your project. Automatic error location and extensive documentation on error and warning messages make design modifications as simple as possible. At every step in the design process, the Quartus II software makes it easy for you to focus on your design—not on how to use the software.
The superb integration of the Quartus II software improves your efficiency and productivity, putting you in control of your logic design environment.

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