Qt 5.2

Qt is a popular and proven IDE for cross-platform application development
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Qt is a comprehensive application development and UI framework for developing applications that can be ported/deployed across a number of desktop and embedded operating systems (including Windows), without the need to rewrite source code. It's powerful cross-platforms native C++ libraries, declarative UI language and tools enable developers to target all the relevant desktop, embedded, mobile and real-time operating systems with one code base. It brings freedom to the developer saving development time, adding efficiency and ultimately shortening time to market. Qt boasts of being the chosen development platform by world renowned brands/software developers such as Barco, DAZ 3D, Wolfram Research (the developers of 'Mathematica'),Sennheiser, VLC Media Player and others. Since the release of the Qt 5 series, Qt is both forward and backward compatible, so this feature exists in the current version (5.2.1) as well. It supports a variety of 32&64 bit operating systems that include Linux, Mac OS X,iOS,Blackberry 10,Sailfish OS etc. apart from Windows. The download link on this page enables download of the installer. After successfully downloading the Qt installer, run it. The installer will go through a somewhat long set of intermediate steps like checking remote repositories, downloading certain components etc. before finally installing Qt on your PC.

For further information, or, in case of any difficulty, the user may visit the Qt website, which provides structured, clear and comprehensive information about the product, how to install it, a quick start guide, examples and tutorials,FAQ and almost all that a novice or expert user would like to know about the various aspects of Qt.

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