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Puran Utilities contains tools that help you optimize your computer
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Puran Utilities is a package of more than 20 utilities that will help you optimize, maintain and tweak your system. File management tools are also included.
The most important aspect of this application is, in my opinion, the fact that it is free. There are many other system optimization, maintenance and tweaking suites on the market, but few of them are free. Furthermore, since there are no remarkable differences between those shareware applications and the free Puran Utilities, the last one gets to be a truly attractive choice.

The system optimization and maintenance tools provided by Puran Utilities are characterized by effectiveness and fast processing speed. The disk checker will accurately scan your drives for errors and bad sectors in just a few minutes. The disk cleaner, disk defragmenter, registry cleaner and registry defragmentation tool are also fast and reliable and they will ensure that your system keeps on functioning at its full potential. The application uninstaller, the startup manager and the Windows services management tool are a bit simplistic and dull but they eventually get their job done.

The comprehensiveness of Puran Utilities is truly impressive. Besides the aforementioned utilities, this application also includes a tool that helps you find and fix broken shortcuts and a tool that allows locating and removing empty folders. There's also a built-in duplicate finder that you can use to detect and remove duplicate files, which means that you will no longer have to pay for a separate program when you need to perform this task. The shut down timer has the same effect: it will help you save some money that you would otherwise have to spend on a commercial standalone application which performs the same tasks. Even a basic file splitter is provided.

Even though I have to admit that some of the tools that Puran Utilities provides feel a bit cheap because of their lack of advanced options, I still hold this application in high regard. There aren’t many free tools that offer so many advantages as Puran Utilities does, and this is why this program deserves all the appreciation.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Regardless of its type, every scanning process is remarkably fast.
  • One click solution to scan, clean and fix the system is also available.
  • A "Maintenance Wizard" is also provided


  • Some of the included utilities are a bit over simplistic and poor when it comes to options.
  • There is no proper "help" file or "help" system
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