Privatefirewall is a free firewall that can detect and block potential threats
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The Internet is the most popular method of communication, entertainment and gathering information, but it is also an unsafe environment. This fact makes a lot of users consider installing and using security applications such as firewalls. Even though Windows comes with a firewall by default, I’m one of many users that prefer the additional features and configuration possibilities offered by standalone applications such as Privatefirewall.

Privatefirewall will monitor the traffic of your computer and can timely block any potential threats. There are a lot of things I like about this application; the fact that it is free is just one of them. The interface is also another aspect that I won’t hesitate to praise. It makes it very easy to configure its working parameters and its traffic management rules. It also offers quick access to important functions such as the monitoring of the running processes, the port tracking feature or the window displaying the logs and advanced reports. As you can see, it truly provides a lot of functions and features, letting you get under its hood and put yourself in complete control over every little aspect of its functioning. If you only want to improve the protection of your computer using a firewall and the advanced user interaction and control are not exactly your things, then you still can resort to this application, as trusting the default settings of Privatefirewall is definitely not a bad idea.

I was also impressed by the comprehensiveness of the advanced reports. Privatefirewall can log any traffic activity and event, complete with additional details such as the involved port, IP or protocol.

In an end note, Privatefirewall comes to prove the saying that “best things in life are free”. It definitely got me wondering why would I ever pay for a commercial firewall as long as the complete and yet free Privatefirewall program is still around.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Allows the users to edit and customize the traffic management rules.
  • Provides comprehensive logs and reports.
  • Neat and well-organized interface.
  • Can also detect keyloggers and rootkits


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