Pegasus Imaging PICVideo Motion JPEG

Pegasus Imaging PICVideo Motion JPEG

An M-JPEG video codec that allows you to compress and decompress video files
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Pegasus Imaging PICVideo Motion JPEG is an M-JPEG video codec. It allows you to compress and decompress video files, in order to watch them using your regular viewers, such as Windows Media Player, or edit videos with your favorite program. This codec works both in 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. As every codec, it will be used everytime you launch an application that uses it. Nevertheless, PICVideo has a Video Codec Configuration Tool that you can use to customize the way you want the codect to work. You will be able to set the compressor and decompressor settings. In the Decompressor section you can define the desired brightness and contrast, as well as assume normalized YUV, swap fields or force YUV output. In the Compressor section you can choose the compression, luminance and chrominance quality and the subsampling rate. You will also be able to select if you want to encode normalized YUV. The Configuration Tool will also allow you to modify the settings for some other installed codecs, appart from PICVideo M-JPEG 4.

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