PC Magazine WMatch

PC Magazine WMatch

This application compares the files of two directories
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PCMag.com's WMatch is a classic program that was first released in 1989 as a DOS utility. Over the years we've added new features but the core aspect of WMatch has always been to compare the files of two directories and enable you to copy or move files between them.

Our latest release, version 4, is a complete re-write of the program with the goals of increasing performance and enhancing the UI to make the utility easier to use.

When you launch WMatch you'll see a new group of tabs at the top of the program. The first tab is the Folder Locker. This displays a graphical list of recently selected folders. When you select a folder for the either the source or destination of the comparison, the folder will be added to the Folder Locker for fast retrieval in the future.

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