Password Miner

Password Miner

One Master Password tool to remember and manage all your password details
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Are you tired of keeping track of all your passwords? Or are you fed off of thinking of new passwords every time you need to register somewhere, as you want your password to be difficult to crack, yet easy enough for you so that you can remember it afterwards? Fear not, Password Miner is here to keep things simple for you. All you need to remember is a Master Word, which you provide yourself to Password Miner, and the keywords associated with the password, and it generates the password for you. This is accomplished by an algorithm which generates the password based on the Master Word, the keyword, and an Username, which you provide yourself. The keyword that you provide can be stored by the program so that you can later generate the password again. As such, the program does not store any generated password. All you need to remember is the Master Word. Hence it would be helpful to keep the same Master Word for all your passwords, as it would be easier to remember and regenerate the password later. The program also provides options to configure the password generation process, based on parameters like the size of the password, whether symbols and numbers should be used, etc. It is also possible to mask all your inputs while using the program, in case someone else is sitting by your side. One caveat is that the program requires Microsoft .NET framework and Windows 2000 or Windows XP to run.

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  • Intuitive user interface.
  • No database used.
  • Automatic generation of passwords based on keywords.
  • Keywords and user names can be stored for later use.


  • Requires Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package (x86).
  • Works on Windows 2000 and XP only.
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