OpenStat 30.0

OpenStat contains a large variety of statistical process controls
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OpenStat contains a large variety of parametric, nonparametric, multivariate, measurement, statistical process control, financial and other procedures. One can also simulate a variety of data for tests, theoretical distributions, multivariate data, etc. You will want to explore all of these options once you acquire the program!
A variety of options exist for saving and opening data files. The preferred method is to use the file extension .TEX which saves not only the data from the grid but also the definition of the variables in the grid. Tab files are useful for importing data from other programs (for example Excel files) or for exporting a file to another program.
Under the Analyses main menu are listed a number of major sub-menues. Many of the descriptive and analyses procedures produce graphical output. As an example, the following is a plot of X versus Y from the Descriptives Menu:
Clearly, there are too many procedures to describe here

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