O&O DiskStat

O&O DiskStat

O&O DiskStat allows you to analyze used space on your hard disk
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Keep a close eye on your disk space with O&O DiskStat, the real-time hard disk space monitoring, analyzing and managing utility.
To obtain a real-time hard disk analysis, management, monitoring and to be informed of free disk space, you need a professional tool that provides all these capabilities together under one roof.
O&O DiskStat has striven hard to provide its users with its advanced technology and elegant performance to combat all the space wasted on your disk and to make your system more responsive. This reliable tool displays perfectly comprehensive 3D charts and statistics that allows you to analyze the exact condition of your hard disk.
Fully compatible with Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP (all Editions), and Windows Vista, this application is easily used with its Explorer-like interface. Further, you can also find other features that can display the size of directories, files and sub folders, find the 10 largest files in each drive for you, and sort your files by date, size, type and so on.
This amazing tool allows you to analyze your disk space, saving you from any possible hard disk failure or lack of space problems.

Padma Pardhy
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  • Analysis is quick and responsive.
  • Supports internal as well as external drives.
  • Windows Explorer-like interface.
  • Results displayed in comprehensive 3D charts and statistics.
  • Supports 62-bit systems.
  • Compatible with Windows Vista too.


  • Features like analysis of network drives, sort result by owner and report creating are available only with the server edition.
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